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Supporting you through
the entire project lifecycle

  • Consulting

    • Business Analysis
    • Project Management
    • Requirements Management
    • IT Security
  • Design

    • Software Design and Architecture
    • Technology Selection
    • UI/UX Design
    • Proofs of Concept
  • Maintenance

    • Application Maintenance and Support
    • Enhancements and software extensions
    • Re-engineering, migration and porting
  • Development

    • Customer-Centric Agile Development
    • Continuous Build and Integration
    • Quality Assurance and Test-driven development
Product Backlog Sprint Backlog Sprint working increment
of the software

Customer-specific Agile Development

Over multiple projects, Trivium has adopted a customer-specific agile development methodology optimized for geographically distributed teams. Our agile approach is highly customizable to allow integration into our customer‘s development processes. The process is supported by collaborative platforms and frameworks to enable rapid product development and transparency through the entire development project.

Our approach to Scrum-based agile projects includes setting up a sophisticated Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery pipeline, applying DevOps and setting up a state-of-the art toolchain for development and collaboration. Depending on the customer set-up, we play the role of the scrum master, developer, product owner and technical architect within the context of a joint development team. The process is highly collaborative, self-organized and promotes creativity and innovation. Our developers are trained in Scrum and several employees are certified scrum masters.

"We have had a great experience working with Trivium. The quality, speed and flexibility with which Trivium has executed the project for Siemens Technology to Business has been truly impressive."
Sven Scheuble | Vice President, Global Head of Siemens Technology to Business, Siemens AG

Our services model

Our delivery model is optimized to create a high performing team, bringing together the strengths of your own employees, our team in Munich and our delivery center in Bangalore. The key to the success of our geographically distributed delivery model lies in the ability to create a single team with a sense of ownership across the locations, supported by well-defined processes and an active use of communication and collaboration tools.


  • Product / project owner
  • Functional requirements
  • Trivium Munich

  • IT consulting
  • Project Management & coordination
  • Requirements Management
  • Architecture
  • Development and Testing
  • Trivium Bangalore

  • Offshore project management
  • Architecture
  • Development and Testing