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Technology Expertise

Software Solutions for a connected world

In a connected world, digital excellence is mission-critical for every enterprise. The core success factors are applications that are innovative, secure, scalable and user-oriented. With our experience in cutting-edge technology stacks and our continuous focus on skill development, we have grown to become a trusted technology partner for our customers. Our technology expertise spans enterprise software, IoT, analytics, cloud and mobile applications. We build on a deep understanding of the IoT platforms, Cloud technologies, Analytics and Machine Learning, Java / JEE platform, Microsoft technologies, C++, DevOps and mobile development tools.

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“Trivium’s expertise in technology frameworks combined with their enthusiasm and identification with the project enables us to develop products in excellent quality that set themselves apart from those of our competitors.“
Andrea Ruf | Director, Communication and Banking Server, GTB, Unicredit Bank AG
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Enterprise Software

Trivium’s competencies for the development of Enterprise Software cover a deep understanding of modern scalable architectures, cloud computing and enterprise-grade security. Across projects we have implemented scalable on-premise and cloud-based solutions with microservice and polyglot architectures as well as enterprise software stacks. We support our customers with DevOps and container-based virtualization and orchestration systems. We take advantage of a rich repository of reference architectures, reusable components and best practices that have evolved over the years.

On the Java platform, our team has successfully built large-scale enterprise solutions used by thousands of Corporate customers for mission-critical business transactions. In the area of Microsoft technologies, Trivium is a Microsoft Gold Application Development Competence Partner, distinguishing ourselves within the top 1 percent of Microsoft’s partner ecosystem. Our competencies cover all major areas .NET-based software development.

For performance-critical, realtime applications and machine-level programming our expertise in C++ technologies and industrial protocols enable us to dive deep into the IoT stack of the future.

Our understanding of Analytics and Machine Learning helps our customers derive value from their Enterprise and IoT Data, to transform their business models and value propositions in their markets.

Mobile Applications

Mobility is transforming enterprises across the world. Multichannel access through new devices and technology is enabling companies to work in more engaging, collaborative and real-time environments. Trivium supports customers to enter new markets with innovative mobile solutions, create new business models and ‘mobile-enable’ their existing enterprise software.

We support our customers in choosing the right development environment across Native, HTML5, Cross Platform and Hybrid approaches.

With several projects implemented in all the major platforms – iOS, Android and Windows Phone, we are well-positioned to build and port applications across devices and operating systems. With our deep expertise in technologies like Qt, we extend our mobile know-how to specialized devices and industrial environments.

We leverage our experience in developing enterprise-grade applications to develop mobile apps that are just as scalable and maintainable as enterprise software. We specialize in building cross-platform applications that demand rich user experience, exploit phone-specific functionalities and need secure, high performance connectivity with backend servers.

Cloud and Analytics

Reaping the benefits of the cloud – scalability, ubiquity, standardization and opex/capex optimization – is an opportunity seen by companies across industries. In data-driven businesses, in particular IoT businesses, analytics in the cloud enables completely new value creation and business models. Across multiple consulting projects, Trivium has supported customers in defining their individual path to access this potential – from defining cloud and analytics based use cases to defining the technology stack to commercial considerations. This includes finding the right mix of on-premise, edge computing and cloud approaches for customer use cases.

Our value proposition also extends to implementation of the cloud and analytics strategy. We have extensive project experience in the key cloud platforms – AWS and Microsoft Azure. Our understanding of analytics and machine learning spans real-time data processing platforms like Kafka, data science solutions like Knime, statistical software like R as well various analytics suites like Power BI and Tableau.

In the Industry 4.0 and IoT space our knowledge also extends to industrial use cases, various IoT platforms and protocols for machine and sensor-level connectivity. With our IT and data security competence, we help our customers develop cloud solutions that are not only high-performance but also follow industrial and critical-infrastructure level security standards.

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