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Industrial IoT

Transforming industries from the edge to the cloud

Connectivity and a new level of automation are transforming the industrial landscape. Trivium is a consultant, developer and integrator of Industry 4.0 and Internet of Things platforms, providing industrial companies new services like remote & predictive maintenance, machine learning and state-of-the-art human machine interfaces that work across devices – from industrial PCs to mobile phones. For global players in the industrial field like Saurer, Leica Geosystems, Caterpillar and Siemens, Trivium eSolutions is a long-standing consulting and development partner for innovative Industrial Software and IIoT solutions.

Trivium's IIoT Services

Trivium’s services in the IIoT space span the early stages of defining the key use cases, to choosing the right IIoT platform, to implementation and integration in a customer-specific industrial landscape.
  • Industry 4.0 and IIoT consulting

    • Industrial IoT Business Strategy & Business Cases
    • Use case Definition, from shop floor to enterprise level
    • Strategic and Technology Consulting incl. IIoT platform selection
    • Cloud / Analytics Strategy
    • Requirements and Project Management
  • Design and architecture

    • Industrial IoT Architecture incl. IT / OT (Operational Tech) integration
    • MVP / Proof of Concepts
    • Platform set-up
    • IT Security for IIoT
    • UI / UX Concept
  • Development and IIoT integration

    • E2E Platform (edge and cloud) dev / integration
    • Apps and Analytics
    • Connectivity (MQTT, OPC-UA …)
    • Human Machine Interface Software
    • Control Software
    • Remote Access and Maintenance solutions
  • Support

    • Cloud and DevOps infrastructure
    • Application Maintenance and Support
    • IT Security
    • Re-engineering, Migration and Porting

IIoT Use Cases

  • Predictive Maintenance
  • Remote Diagnostics & Maintenance
  • Smart Factory / Production Optimization
  • AI-based Machine Configuration
  • Digital Twin
  • Automated Inventory Management
  • Track & Trace
  • Connected Product Shop
  • Machine as a Service

IIoT Architecture

Across industrial verticals, we see a common pattern. A new Industrial IoT stack is developing, complementing and augmenting the traditional industrial automation stack. At the device level, increased number of sensors mean a huge increase in the amount of data. At the communication level, standard IoT protocols like OPC-UA and MQTT are being introduced. At the decision-making level, machine learning is enabling new use cases, starting with predictive analytics. And finally, IoT platforms are emerging, which bring everything together. Here a plethora of new solutions from cloud computing players (AWS, Microsoft), to industrial conglomerates (Siemens, Bosch, GE) to software firms (SAP, IBM) are competing in a consolidating market.

Industrial IoT solutions must support a mixture of Edge and Cloud computing. Edge computing refers to computation that continues to happen onsite, within the production plant. This is important, not only to cover sites with limited internet access, but to ensure concentration of the huge amounts of data before transfer to the cloud and address data security concerns. Cloud computing enables global scalability and easy utilization of plug-and-play services. And finally custom-developed applications enable industrial cases, which convert data into customer-specific and actionable insights.

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IIoT Platforms

Trivium's IIoT Best Practices

Through our industrial projects across multiple verticals and our innovation initiatives in the IIoT space, we have developed a set of best practices, that help our customers make the most out of their IIoT transformation programs.

  1. Develop a business-impact oriented IIoT strategy rather than a technology-oriented one. Identify use cases with highest business impact in your domain.
  2. An Industrial IoT Solution complements and extends the traditional automation stack. Create an integrated technology strategy.
  3. Standard platforms can help reduce total cost of ownership. Use “plug-and-play” functionality, modularity and security as a basis to develop custom apps on top.
  4. Utilize the power of Cloud / Serverless computing where possible, esp. global availability, scalability & cost reduction.
  5. Edge computing ensures offline availability, data security concerns are addressed and cloud costs are kept under control.
  6. Understand legal and contractual aspects of platform solutions. Don’t forget local laws in a global world (e.g. check China laws on data usage).
  7. Develop a strategy to avoid a platform vendor lock-in, if an IoT Platform is an integral part of your architecture

Trivium's IIoT Showcase

Choosing an IoT platform is one of the first and most important decisions we typically see in an IIoT transformation project. To get a hands-on feeling of what a commercial IoT platform can offer in the industrial space, Trivium has set up a showcase that lets you dive into the IIoT world and discuss the benefits that edge computing, cloud and analytics apps can bring within your organization. With integration of industrial devices, implementation of edge computing on an industrial PC, communication through OPC-UA and MQTT and implemented machine learning use cases, the showcase touches upon some of the key aspects of IoT in an industrial environment.

Showcase architecture


Visualization of our live data

Trivium's IIoT Showcase covers key aspects of the IIoT stack

  • IoT-Platform

    AWS IoT as an example of a global IoT platform offering standard IoT functionality “plug-and-play” in a modular way

  • Edge Computing

    Offline functionality through Edge computing with AWS Greengrass running on an Industrial PC

  • IoT Analytics

    Analytics and Visualization of IoT data provided as an external service integrated into a public website

  • Connectivity

    Integration of industrial devices and other sensors into an IoT platform using the OPC-UA and MQTT protocols

  • Cloud & Serverless Computing

    Serverless computing as a basis for cost-effective implementation & maintenance, scalability in the cloud

  • Machine Learning for IoT

    Training of machine learning models in the cloud and execution in the edge

IIoT Competences

  • Industrial Automation
  • Machine Learning
  • Data Science
  • IT Architecture
  • Know-how of leading IIoT Platforms
  • Software development
  • Edge and Cloud Computing
  • IoT Security

Why Trivium for Industrial IoT

Several competences make Trivium eSolutions a strong partner for the realization of your Industrial IoT projects!

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    Digital projects in Industry represent >80% of our revenue

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    End-to-end services across the IIot project lifecycle

    Consulting > Design > Development > Support

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    Industrial IoT architecture and implementation expertise

    Best mix of a vendor-agnostic IoT platform approach + custom development; across edge, cloud & IoT Applications

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    An optimal delivery model

    Local consulting and industrial know-how + scaled and cost-effective delivery across two locations

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    Right Size

    With over 160 employees, we are large enough, to successfully take on significant projects; but still flexible and agile!